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Benefits of Shave Pubic Hair for Health

For most women consider the the pubic shear is important to do. But there also are feeling lazy shave bristles around the genital area. So, how important is it for pubic Shaved fur? Andrology expert Prof. Dr. Dr. Wypoczynkowe Moeloek, Sp And admit not pubic fur forever should be shaved. "If you want to stay razor Shaver Yes, if not also does nothing. An important try to stay clean, "said Prof Wypoczynkowe.

In addition to the hygiene factors, because many men who claim to love the woman's genitals without fur because it looks sexier. Is it so? "It was hell depending on each person's perception. Some like it like that some are not contesting it, "said Prof Wypoczynkowe. According to Professor of Andrology and biology of medicine University of Indonesia that, generally, the hair growth stops after 2 months. So an already long pubic hair will not grow in length continue though not shaved.

But that's not shaved pubic hair is indeed risky as the site of the development of the bacteria if not cleaned properly. But if cleaned properly, the bacteria will not flourish there. "Just like hair, although the length of the net, but if ya dont problem." he said. A razor is a very popular weapon of choice for removing pubic hair. For most people, this treatment technique is a good solution instead of cutting techniques. What to look for, trim the pubic hair with a razor should do after membasahinya with warm water.

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Benefits of Shave Pubic Hair for Health
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Benefits of Shave pubic hair

"Before the shaved, don't forget the moistened and given SOAP used to be so slick and easy to shave," said Prof Wypoczynkowe. In addition to the technique of shaving with a razor, other techniques that can be used is the technique of electrolysis, laser, waxing (wax) or use hair removal medication.

Electrolysis techniques can remove bulu pubic permanently in just one-time treatment, but the price is quite expensive. While waxing technique is not very advisable because of the pain in the pubic tool which is indeed very sensitive. Want shaved or not, it is certain the pubic hair should be kept clean. "What is clear, is all there is in man it is the gift of God, so it should always be kept," said Prof Wypoczynkowe.

The function of genital hair are:

1. Provide warmth
2. visual Indications of sexual maturity
3. collection of pheromone dispensing
4. Reduce friction outside the time sexual intercourse
5. Protective area that is covered with pubic hair, because the area is sensitive

Prof. Yohanes Surya, Phd

One of the functions of the hair in the armpits or around the pubic tool is to reduce friction. These hairs facilitate the movement or the movement of the hands while performing sexual intercourse.
Around the hair or feathers that apocrine glands, there are many that served the pheromone, issuing it smells can attract the opposite sex. Lately the pheromone has become quite an interesting research material and has been made into a kind of perfume to attract the opposite sex despite the potency has not been fully recognized.

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Benefits of Shave Pubic Hair for Girl
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Dr. (Naturopathy) Ir. Donny Hosea MBA. PhD

If you notice your body, then for every place yg Gristle and need to be protected then will grow hair/fur available. For example, the head, need to be safeguarded, tdk banged, breaking, and very prone to in ubun2, where the thickest hair grows there in infancy.

Eyes, hair, above, there is no eyelashes so that dust, liquids, or foreign matter easy stopover within the eye. When not using suits, more than likely, the whole body is covered with bristles more rare, and usually prone to dense fur more overgrown and covered the place. DG human growth, changes in the times and human evolution, then the remaining yg yg menjga most important part 2 the dg-prone persons.

The actual amount of feathers, the growth of which, and the form of fur is a finger print or characteristic of different human beings talk to one another, it's just fingerprints, it is quite visible reply, without alluding to the porn, and immediately get taken picture only sg with ink, on the other faktor2 such as the multiplicity of  feathers, feather locations, can also indicate the org data.

Fur is such a useful addition to mentioned above, also the identification of sex has its own; for example, you and your wife/husband you know you and be interested in sexual or sexually aroused, because the image of the fur you wrote for example there is only on certain areas, certain forms and the numbers too.

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Negatives of Alcohol and Benefits of Not Drinking Alcohol

benefits of Not drinking alcohol after
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The benefits of Not drinking alcohol after age 25 years-when it was past the age of 25 years, do not have to think long, you have to stop drinking alcohol.

Because, there are benefits if you do not drink alcohol after the age of 25 years.

Drinking alcohol is often used as a way to enjoy social life, especially when the party. However, there are a number of reasons to reduce drinking alcohol until it finally ceased altogether after the age of 25 years.

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Disadvantages of Alcohol

The following benefits of not drinking alcohol after age 25 years reported by the Boldsky from the page:

Avoid hangover

Alcohol and Cancer Risk Fact, because metabolism slows down after the age of 25, the body will not be able to process and synthesize the alcohol well. This will cause the symptoms of hangover horrors. So, when you do not drink alcohol, its benefits are spared from the hangover.

Preventing depression

Negatives of alcohol, a study claims that after the age of 25 years, people who drink alcohol regularly are more susceptible to depression. This is because drinking alcohol can cause hormonal imbalance. Therefore, one of the benefits of not drinking alcohol is to prevent depression.

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Reduce risk of infertility

Women who plan to become pregnant, especially after the age of 25 years, should reduce drinking alcohol. Because, drinking alcohol regularly after the age of 25 can harm the process of ovulation, thus causing infertility. So, when it stops drinking alcohol, it will reduce the risk of infertility.

Prevent cardiovascular disease

Extremely importnant reduces alcohol consumption after the age of 25 years. This can prevent dangerous diseases such as cardiovascular problems, including strokes and heart attacks.

Keep your weight gain after the age of 25 years, your metabolic rate will decrease drastically. So, your body may not be able to burn the calories gained from drinking alcohol in an effective manner. So, when not drinking alcohol, weight more awake.benefits of alcohol for health

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Benefits Of Soursop Leaf To Uric Acid/ Gout

Benefits Of Soursop Leaf To Uric Acid/ Gout
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One of the benefits of soursop leaves as it turns out we can use to cope with gout. Soursop leaf has the advantage of relatively safer to use because it is a natural ingredient.

As quoted from wikipedia, disease gout is a disease caused by excessive consumption of substances purin. Purin processed body into uric acid, but if the levels of uric acid excess, kidneys are not capable of removing so that crystals of uric acid builds up in the joints. As a result of the joint feels painful, swollen and inflamed.

Benefits Of Soursop Leaf To Uric Acid/ Gout

Actually not only soursop leaves that we can make the most of, almost all parts of the plant soursop we can take its benefits ranging from fruit, leaf and tree. From a study revealed the fact that the soursop leaf extract can we use to cope with gout.

Abstinence sufferers of gout
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Abstinence sufferers of gout

  • Offal: tripe, spleen, kidney, colon, liver, lung and brain
  • Seafood: shrimp, squid, cuttlefish, clams, mussels, oysters, crab, anchovies, sardines
  • Meat extracts such as mince and jerky
  • Food that's been pressure canned (example: corned beef, sardines)
  • Mutton, beef, horse meat
  • Ducks, geese and turkeys
  • Nuts: soya beans (including processed such as tempe, douchi, fermented beans, soy milk), peanuts, green beans, bean sprouts, gnetum gnemon, chips
  • Vegetables: cauliflower, spinach, asparagus, string beans, ear fungus, cassava leaves, papaya leaves, Ipomoea aquatica
  • Cheese, eggs, cream, ice cream, broth or gravy is thick
  • Certain fruits such as durian, pineapples and coconut water
  • Fried foods or cooked using margarine/butter
  • Foods rich in protein and fat

Symptoms Of Gout

  • The joint feels pain, dull pain, rheumatic pain, tingling and even to swell and reddish colored (inflamed)
  • Usually the joint feels painful when the morning (waking up) or night.
  • Feels pain in joints occur over and over again.
  • Who was attacked is usually the joints of the toes, fingers, 2.4, heels, elbows and wrists.
  • On the incidence of severe cases, joints feels very ill at the moment will move.
In addition to treating gout
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How To Treat Gout

To treat gout, you can make potions made from soursop leaves. Here's how:
  • Take the soursop leaves 6-10 pieces and then clean using running water.
  • Cut the soursop leaf into several parts so that the sari-sari contained therein can be mixed with water to the maximum.
  • After that take two glasses of water and boiled with soursop leaves that have been cleaned.
  • Wait until the remaining water, one glass and then drink it regularly twice a day, at morning and night.

In addition to treating gout, apparently the soursop leaves is also being examined by experts to the disease of diabetes. It is of course be good news and hopefully can soon be tried as a nutritious natural ingredients. Good luck!

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9 Benefits of Baby Oil for Eyebrow

Benefits of Baby Oil for Eyebrow
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9 benefits of Baby Oil For Eyebrows - For those of you having a baby definitely no stranger to the oil on this one. Baby oil is often used for various purposes, the baby would have been. This oil is devoted to the baby because the baby used to secure her skin is still sensitive, therefore the composition of these oils are generally made from natural oils are mostly, and the rest is just an added fragrance.

As long as this commonly known if baby oil is only used for the baby. But it turns out the baby oil can also be useful for adults. One of them, namely for the purposes of beauty, facial treatments, especially the eyebrows.

The usefulness of the eyebrows is very important for us in the face. In addition to beautify the face, eyebrows also withstand the sweat pouring from my forehead so as not to go directly to the eye. Facial expressions can also be expressed through movements of the eyebrows.

This means that a perfect eyebrow shape, lined up neatly and beautifully curved from end to end. To get the perfection of the shape of the eyebrows, make it beautiful is a part of a woman's makeup routine. So that the face looks the more gorgeous, many women who enjoy cosmetic and form a more perfect. But the way the cosmetic eyebrow this requires its own skills and tricks.Wrong put pencil eyebrow eyebrow shape equate or hard to the left and right often becomes its own difficulties when forming our eyebrows.

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Benefits of Baby Oil for Eyebrow

Finally, there are becoming less satisfied with the shape, or don't want to bother him, aka left to form naturally. However the condition of every woman's eyebrows are not the same. It could be that there is a thin, symmetrical, or not grow irregular. In conditions like this is baby oil can be used for:

1. Accelerate the growth of Eyebrows

For women who love shaving results, sometimes having a little cukuran ' mismatch ' so that the expected results even not as imagined. There is a section that should not shaven head, so that the shape is not the same. Circumstances such as these can be overcome by diligent rubbing baby oil on a regular basis in order to make the area the eyebrows that unintentionally shaven head can quickly grow back.

Benefits of Baby Oil to Clean your Make Up
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2. Clean your Make Up

One way of forming the eyebrows that is clouring with pencil eyebrows. Sometimes eyebrow pencil can be difficult to be cleaned thoroughly. With the help of baby oil it is not a problem. Do I simply squirt baby oil onto a cotton bud and then clear the eyebrows to the rest of the pencil eyebrow eyebrows disappeared and returned to its original form before being painted.

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3. Thicken your Eyebrows

Still associated with the growth of eyebrows, if you have thin eyebrows, and sometimes do not have time for cosmetic eyebrows to appear more dense, then how is worth a try to have the eyebrows thicker naturally.

4. Used for Shaving

Before shaving or plucking eyebrows can be smeared previewed a little baby oil on the eyebrow area will be sheared so that the skin is slightly moist. Thus the process of shaving and shaping eyebrows will be more easy, not at risk of injuring and irritate parts of eyebrows if dry skin.

Benefits of Baby Oil to Overcome Dandruff In Eyebrows
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5. Benefits of Baby Oil to Overcome Dandruff In Eyebrows

Have you ever noticed, if by chance there are rubbing eyebrows granules – thin white granules which fell like dandruff? It is dandruff in eyebrows, not much different from dandruff on the scalp. Dandruff can also occur on the eyebrows. Dandruff in eyebrows caused dry, in a little amount is not a problem and still includes normal and can be overcome by applying baby oil so that the skin becomes moist again.

6. Massage the eyebrows

Baby oil can be used as a masseuse eyebrows too. The point also to accelerate the growth of eyebrows by means of applying a little to the eyebrows and massaged slowly rotate a few times. Massage is good for waging a blood vessels in the skin so that the growth of eyebrows more optimal.

7. Organize your eyebrows

The shape of the eyebrows that are messy and sticking will make appearance less than perfect. So eyebrows are easily arranged, use baby oil to taste just to keep eyebrow shape so as not to fall apart. Squirt a little to brush eyebrows, eyebrow tidy up then to get the desired shape.

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Health Benefits Leaves of Mangoes

Health Benefits Leaves of Mangoes
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Big 6 Health Benefits Leaves of Mangoes - Natural compounds in mango leaves are quite diverse, It is believed to help maintain the health of our bodies. While only some people who take advantage of this mango leaves as traditional medicine ingredients.

There are still many of us who do not recognize the usefulness of this mango leaves, because we are often focused only consume the fruit. And if we pay attention, a lot of the benefits and efficacy of mango leaves to prevent and treat a variety of diseases that attack the body.

The Health Benefits Leaves of Mangoes

On mango leaves are a variety of nutrients that can be beneficial to the body, such as vitamin C, B, A, and a variety of other nutrients. Even in mango leaves also contain an antibiotic substance powerful enough, like flavonoids and phenols in it.

So that from it all, makes a strong reason why this mango leaves can be blended into traditional medicines, as well as able to overcome various diseases in the body. Therefore, knowing the different ways of mango leaves this process, it is very necessary.

To find the leaf was not difficult, because the leaves of the mango are widespread in various corners of the archipelago. And this is a benefit or efficacy of mango leaves, to be used as a traditional medicine to ward off various diseases.

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1. To treat asthma

By using mango leaves, it would be useful to treat and prevent the occurrence of asthma. The trick was also quite easy, that you should be able to take just enough mango leaves, then wash with water, and cut mango leaves into small pieces. After that, dry the pieces of mango leaves to dry. If it is dry, take about 2 teaspoons dried mango leaves earlier, to serve as an infusion or beverage.

Health Benefits Leaves of Mangoes Reduce high blood pressure
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2. Reduce high blood pressure

In patients who suffer from or have high blood pressure, can consume a tea made from the powder of mango leaves this. Which of the content contained in the leaves of mango, is able to control high blood insistence to be recovered. And you should remember that in order to obtain maximum results, then eat regularly.

3. Treat gout

By taking a few leaves of mango, then wipe with water, then mash until smooth mango leaves. Further collisions serve fresh mango leaves steeping in hot water. And then you can consume routinely and regularly to treat gout. And you should know, many patients affected by gout today. Then use mango leaves as an herbal remedy, it is one step that is quite effective.

4. As fertility potions

Mango leaves can also be used for fertility drug married couple. His pace was also quite easy, that you should set up a few leaves of mango, red onion and two cloves. Then wash the material until clean. Furthermore mash both ingredients until smooth, and made brew to drink. Brewed using half a glass of hot water, and do regularly. That way you can feel will usefulness.

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5. Break down gallstones or kidney stones

You should know that in mango leaves can also be used for the treatment of kidney stones or gallstones naturally. The trick that is, you should be able to provide mango leaves have been crushed, then dry your hands in your shadow. Then milled until smooth, then mixing them a few spoonfuls of the powder of mango leaves in a glass of water, and save it for one night. Furthermore, then you can drink a concoction of mango leaves it to break and remove kidney stones or gall stones that interfere with the body's health.

6. Treating coughs and colds

Mango leaves also can be utilized to treat cough and colds are frequent. How to apply them, Should you could take a few pieces of mango leaves, then wash and mash until smooth. Then brewed with water until the water changes color, then you consume routinely and regularly. So as coughs and colds that you experienced, can insurmountable well or quickly subsided.

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Benefits of Having Sex

Benefits of Having Sex
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Benefits of Having Sex - Making love is not just a fun activity to do with friends. But sex activity also has many health benefits for your body. This is the benefit of having sex for the body, you never imagine.

Strengthening the immune system

"Those who are sexually active, usually less often sick," says Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD, an expert in sexual health.

People who make love, her body has a higher capability against germs, viruses and various things that crept into the body. Researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania found that participants who have sex once or twice a week had higher antibody levels than those who rarely make love. However, on the other hand, you still have to do other things that make the immune system awake, such as eating right, active, getting enough sleep, routine vaccination, and so forth.

Minimize Stress

A study conducted in Scotland involving 24 women and 22 men who monitored their sexual activity. The researchers provide a situation that makes many people become stressed, like speech in front of many people or working on a math test.

After doing both activities, test them and then measured. As a result, people who frequent sex can manage stress levels better, than that is rarely made love or even totally never did.

According Sheenie Ambardar, MD, a psychiatrist in West Hollywood, Calif, sex and affection can increase confidence and happiness. Being close to someone we love, will make themselves more calm and avoid anxiety.

Benefits of Having Sex Balancing blood pressure
Image From: steptohealth.com

Balancing blood pressure

According to Joseph J. Pinzone, MD, CEO and medical director of Amai Wellness, the results suggest a link between sex and lower blood pressure.

"There is a lot of researches, one study showed that the initial touch when making love would lower systolic blood pressure, the first number in a blood pressure checker tool. Meanwhile, the results of blood tests proved that under pressure dialostik someone, tend to also be lower if they are living with their spouses, compared to those who did not, "said Joseph.

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The effect is the same as sport

Sex can burn approximately 85 calories per 30 minute. This means that if we counted, if you take the time week 21 hours of the 168 hours of your time in a week, you'll be wasting hundreds of miles of fat that you worry about.

"Sex is the best sport," said Pinzone. In fact, make love better than a treadmill. "Just like doing sport, the more regularly and consistently you do it, the more it will feel the benefits. Therefore, try not to skip the event to make love with your partner, "added Pinzone.

Increase libido

According to Lauren Streicher, MD, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, shag make sexual life for the better and will increase libido. For women, having sex will give the effect on blood circulation and elasticity in the vaginal area. This then will be addictive.

Minimize the risk of heart attack

A good sex life, would be good also for the heart. In addition can increase heart rate, sex also keeps the hormones estrogen and testosterone remains balanced.

Research from the UK who took 20 years found the benefit of sex that a person who had sexual intercourse as much as once or two times a week will have a lower risk of a fatal heart attack than someone who have sex less than once a month.

Lower the risk of prostate cancer

The advantage of this one is a good news for the men, that ejaculation may reduce the likelihood of a man suffering from prostate cancer. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association stated that a man who ejaculated 21 times or more in a month, will have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer than those who rarely ejaculate.

Relieve pain

Before choosing aspirin to relieve your pain, try to orgasm. "Because, orgasm can" kill "pain. Orgasms release hormones that were able to prevent the emergence of pain, "said Barry R. Komisaruk, PhD at the State University of New Jersey.

In addition to increasing love and trust in your partner, the hormone oxytocin can also trigger the production of endorphins. This hormone is able to relieve headaches, arthritis, and menstrual symptoms.

Benefits of Having Sex Better sleep quality
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Better sleep quality

"After orgasm, the body will secrete the hormone prolactin. Hormones which will bring up feelings of relaxation and sleepiness, "said Sheenie Ambardar, MD.

That is why, after making love most people feel sleepy and sleep more soundly. The sleep quality was better because the benefit of sex. Keep in mind, lack of sleep can disrupt your blood pressure, disrupt the work of the heart, and even lead to the illusion that eventually lead to schizophrenia, the most deadly of psychological illness. So, there's no harm right for more frequent sex?

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Benefits of Jackfruit Seeds

Benefits of Jackfruit Seeds
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Usually, we only eat jackfruit. To that can be eaten ripe and unripe jackfruit are usually made of vegetables or warm.

In Central Java, people have a lot to consume jackfruit seeds by boiling. It tastes nothing like the fruit, but not too bad either. Although the seeds, it turns out a lot of benefits for the body.

Benefits of Jackfruit Seeds

The following are some of the benefits that could be in the can by eating jackfruit seeds:

Prevent Anemia

Jackfruit seeds contain iron. This iron is very good for producing red blood cells. So by eating jackfruit seeds you isa avoid anemia.

Maintaining Healthy Hair

Jackfruit seeds contain vitamin A which is not only good for the eyes, but also can prevent hair loss.

Streamlining defecation

Jackfruit seeds contain a lot of fiber which is good to facilitate defecation. In addition, it can also to remove toxins from the body.

Coping and Stress Skin Diseases

The content of protein and micronutrients contained in jackfruit seeds can make the skin moist, as a skin therapy, and also avoid stress.

Benefits of Jackfruit Seeds to Overcome Skin Wrinkles
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Overcome Skin Wrinkles

To you who are having trouble wrinkled skin, try to consume boiled jackfruit seeds. The content of antioxidants in it can prevent sagging skin and wrinkles.

Inhibiting Cancer Incidence

The growth of colon cancer can be prevented by consuming boiled jackfruit seeds. Because, jackfruit seeds containing oligosaccharides and polysaccharides are able to overcome and inhibit the onset of colon cancer.

Those are the disease that can be prevented by consuming boiled jackfruit seeds. Therefore, do not underestimate the jackfruit seeds yes indeed it was great because of Jackfruit seed benefits.